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Album Review: Skunk Anansie – Anarchytecture

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Infamous “clit-rockers” Skunk Anansie are back, this time stepping away from the grunge of their earlier music and exploring a more refined sound with Anarchytecture. An interesting album which is as ice-cool as it is playful, it never really lives up to its anarchist-inspired title but instead presents a suite of sexy, slinky, dark songs. Menacing guitars are mixed up with soaring vocals and given a fresh glam-rock twist, whilst still staying true to the band’s punk origins.

Skunk-Anansie-AnarchytectureThe grinding guitar work of songs like Victim or Bullets definitely recalls the grit and fire of their earlier work, but a new kind of sound is embedded deep in the relentless rhythm of the album. Opening track Love Someone Else starts the album off with a thumping, disco-esque beat which continues throughout, as well as centring the album’s focus firmly on lead singer Skin’s husky, sensual vocals. Amongst the menacing guitars and industrial-style beats there are also some beautiful moments here: Death to the Lovers is an emotionally wrenching track which, through its strident tempo, still manages to keep the album’s momentum forward-rolling. Closing track I’ll Let You Down also comes as an unexpected ballad, swapping the vicious guitars for a gentler sound.

Clocking in at just under forty minutes, the album never drags, but instead comes across as a blaze of energy: although Skunk Anansie are definitely exploring a slicker aesthetic on Anarchytecture, it still retains all of the raw intensity of their earlier music.