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Album Review: Sheppard – Zora

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Album Review: Sheppard - Zora

Australian pop sensation Sheppard returns with their latest studio album, Zora. Known for their vibrant melodies and infectious energy, the band explores themes of love, joy, and the journey of self-discovery. With its polished production and a blend of both upbeat and introspective tracks, Zora offers a fresh take on Sheppard’s signature sound.

The album opens with the titular track, Zora, a radiant and upbeat anthem that sets the tone with its energetic rhythm and catchy chorus. The track’s exuberance is undeniable and immediately draws the listener in. Daylight is a breezy, feel-good song that captures the essence of a summer day. The bright instrumentals and harmonious vocals create an atmosphere of warmth and optimism, but there is a repetitiveness to the track which feels a bit formulaic.

Good Time continues the joyful momentum with a toe-tapping beat and infectious chorus. It’s a celebration of living in the moment, although the lyrics don’t venture far from familiar pop tropes. Got To Be Love stands out with its heartfelt lyrics and melodic depth. It explores the complexities of love with sincerity and a touch of vulnerability, showcasing Sheppard’s ability to craft emotionally resonant music.

Sunshine lives up to its name, delivering an uplifting and sunny vibe that is hard to resist. The production is polished, and the cheerful instrumentation complements the positive message, making it a standout track on the album. Edge Of The Earth takes a more introspective turn, with a slower tempo and contemplative lyrics. The track’s ethereal quality is enhanced by its layered harmonies and subtle instrumentation, offering a moment of reflection amidst the album’s high-energy numbers.

Love Like That brings back the upbeat energy with a funky groove and catchy hooks. It’s a fun and danceable track, though it doesn’t quite reach the lyrical depth of some of the other songs on the album. Nothing Without You is a tender ballad that highlights Sheppard’s knack for crafting poignant love songs. The stripped-back arrangement allows the raw emotion of the lyrics to shine.

The album closes with Running Straight To You, a powerful and anthemic song that encapsulates the theme of unwavering dedication. Its soaring chorus and dynamic production make for a strong finish.

Overall, Zora is a well-crafted album that balances Sheppard’s trademark exuberance with moments of introspection. While some tracks may lean heavily on pop conventions, the band’s infectious energy and heartfelt lyricism make for an engaging and enjoyable listen. Sheppard continues to evolve their sound, delivering a collection that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

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