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Album Review: Sean Nicholas Savage – Other Death

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There’s often a time when artists change the direction of their sound and now Sean Nicholas Savage has reached that moment in his career. His new album Other Death is said to venture more into the world of pop, as opposed to his previous work which was a little more introverted: his new sound sees him experiment with more upbeat tones.

Sean Nicholas Savage - Other DeathPropaganda plays on Savage’s knack for writing and performing tracks that are left of centre: it is full of piercing falsetto vocals and croaky trills . Lead single Casablanca is a hit or miss, you’ll either be taken away by its simplicity or expect more. Promises satisfies your cravings for an upbeat moment, contrasted by the more dramatised Romeo.

Tracks like Suburban Nights would make for decent background music, but not so much for turning the volume up on the stereo. Savage has a fine ability to emotionally shape his vocals accordingly. Why I Love U is almost poetic in the way it’s recited in spoken word at the beginning, making for an overall easy listen. The tender and raw Young Again closes the album on a sensitive and emotional note, demonstrating again what Savage can do.

Sean Nicholas Savage’s take on pop music is unique, there aren’t a lot of artists who can write music that sounds like Other Death. There were moments however where you wanted the album to be taken to new heights, Savage seemed to play it a little safe leaving some of the tracks with little to no diversifying substance; the album needed something more to make it exciting and stimulating. No matter: Other Death is one of Savage’s most emotional releases to date.