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Album Review: Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron

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Rap/Hip-Hop music has developed dramatically over the years, introducing rappers that are eager to experiment with music production as well as providing lyrics that deliver unique stories whilst opening up a whole new perspective and appreciation for the music genre. Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron is a record that listeners will find has plenty of variety, providing both upbeat numbers as well as slow-paced tracks that have more to do with his personal experiences as well as his vivid imagination.

Schoolboy Q OxymoronGangsta, is an interesting opening track with a repetitious hook that creates an intriguing atmosphere for listeners. It’s intriguing because it starts off as a really slow-paced track and the hook automatically becomes an addictive part of the song as the word “gangsta” is being repeated throughout with the dose  of echoed vocals. The rhythm of the song is consistent as it delivers quite a gradual beat, providing listeners with an easily approachable song that will most likely be revisited on the record.

With the use of subtle dubstep, Los Awesome featuring rapper Jay Rock is quite captivating as the lyrics clearly plot the enabled motivation of killing and enemy. The lyrics “he was dead before I shot him, it’s the repear” are quite graphic and morbid, violently capturing the dark-toned theme as well as indicating the sickening pleasure of murdering the enemy. The track ends quite nicely though, jumping into a slow rhythmic state that will enable listeners to feel shocked and surprised only because it was unexpected, given the consistent upbeat start of the song.

Prescription/Oxymoron is a favourable track as it shows a deeper meaning to the rap music produced by Schoolboy Q. With the melancholic nature of the song, this visionary track explains the hardships dealt with a mental illness and having to take prescribed medication as well as dealing with the effects of feeling lethargic and weak. As the song creates a rather gloomy atmosphere, listeners will feel a sense of empathy for the person suffering this mental illness as the voice-overs of a little boy saying to “wake up” makes it an emotional one.

With a collection of tracks that that will tantalise any rap lovers passion for hip-hop music, Schoolboy Q has released an authentic and edgy new album, mixing it up with tracks that convey interesting themes, having both an affinity for the art of rapping and experimental music production.