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Album Review: Satellite Stories – Pine Trails

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Satellite Stories are a fabulous addition to the indie world of music. This new emerging indie rock/pop band are from Finland and their music can be described as super energetic, catchy and fun. Indie lovers will find that this band are quite similar to Two Door Cinema Club, although the music produced by Satellite Stories is much more vibrant and contagious. Listening to Pine Trails will give a chance for listeners to experience the wonders of Satellite Stories. This album makes great music for the Summer season as it can definitely enhance the mood of people, making them more in tuned with the great beach weather and fellow company of their friends and family.

Satellite Stories - Pine TrailsWhat music listeners can find is the mix of fun and chilled out songs that are off Pine Trails. Tracks such as Campfire and Season of B-Sides keep the catchy rhythm of the album going and are sure to keep listeners hooked. Indie music sound quite repetitive nowadays but there’s something different about Satellite Stories. Their music has a dynamic way of capturing an indie tune and putting life back into it. What makes Pine Trails so impressive is that it is full of surprises and you honestly don’t know what to expect from it. The flow of the album is quite smooth and not all over the place which also makes it a pleasure to listen to.

Then comes Pinewood Parkways, A Great Escape and Champagne Eyes and these tracks just showcase the uniquely produced songs that give off chilled yet catchy vibes from the band. These tracks can be easily noted down as road-trip worthy tunes because they are so fast-paced and energetic which makes this release enjoyable to listen toIt’s pretty clear that Satellite Stories have solidified their indie sound, coming off as stronger and better from their previous EP releases.

Lights Go Low and December Theme are notably the most vibrant tracks of the whole album. Listeners get an opportunity to explore what the band do best and that is making tracks that can brighten up anybody’s day. These songs show the quality of music Satellite Stories have produced and this gives listeners the impression that they do in fact take their music seriously but are also able to let loose and have fun making it as well.

Pine Trails concludes with the track Lorraine, an unexpected acoustic track by the band. It is very calming and relaxing to listen to, giving listeners a chance to break free from all the catchy music and unwind with a mellow song.

It can be pretty much revealed that Pine Trails can be a sure favourite by indie rock/pop music lovers around the world. The album flows well, there’s a balance between mellow and catchy music and for what it’s worth, it is a definite must-have for Summertime music and a release that is sure to be loved by everyone.

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