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Album Review: Robbie Williams – Under the Radar, Vol. 2

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Photo: Chugg Entertainment

Under the Radar, Vol. 2 is the second part of Robbie Williams’ project started in 2014 (with Under the Radar, Vol. 1) to gather unique demos and unreleased tracks which didn’t make the cut in the past.

While Run It Wild, one of the promotional singles of the album, is a dive in the 80s with its happy melody and fast rhythm; with Bambi you are teleported in the 90s.  Bambi is one of those pop songs that you can sing out loud while driving, maybe even with some potential to be a summer hit.

There is only one collaboration in Under the Radar, Vol. 2. For Go Mental, Robbie Williams is helped by Big Narstie and Atlantic Horns. Upbeat, joyful, funny, nearly disco, with trumpet sounds and electronics vibes, this song will probably stick in your mind for a while, although it does not have the most meaningful lyrics.

On The Fence and Booty Call particularly distinguish from the rest of the album thanks to their swing and jazz vibes: piano and trumpets are the protagonists. Robbie Williams’ warm vocals shine over those dreaming melodies.

Under the Radar, Vol. 2 expresses Robbie Williams’ versatility. With clear influences from the 80s and 90s, its jazz and swing vibes and pop melodies, this album is an interesting collection of songs for Robbie Williams’ greatest fans. However, some tracks feel like fillers, given their plain rhythms (Eyes on the Highway) or the arguably simplistic and repetitive lyrics (9 to 5): maybe there was a reason if they didn’t make it the first time.