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Album Review: Red Sky July – The Truth And The Lie

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Hazy Country crooners Red Sky July push the boundaries of Alt-Country and Americana once more for their third studio album, The Truth And The Lie. And as usual the trio weren’t afraid to lay it all one the line, with each tune feeling deeply personal and raw, as they effectively turn narratives into jaunty ditties.

Red-Sky-July-The-Truth-And-The-LieOpening with the sweet southern style song, Jet Trails, with it’s classic country twang and a chorus that’s radiating with charm it’s a certain tone setter for its following tracks. As title track The Truth And The Lie, Taking Myself Back and Walking Country Song all burst with a similar energy and enthusiasm, with the fundamentals of southern rock being a true foundation for a jaunty, up-tempo tune.

On the opposing, ominous side of the album sees Red Sky July tone down the up-tempo grooves to showcase the emotion that pour from husky vocals. The forerunner for this style is the funeral march of song In Black, full of droning riffs and sombre harmonies that represent a solemn mood and tell a hauntingly beautiful tale.

Tracks like Long Time Dead and Strathconon droning to a similar beat, putting the passion behind the lyrics as a focal. But where The Truth And The Lie starts to lose it’s footing is in the consistency and flow; the progression of tracks don’t feel completely natural. In jumping from deep, soulful croons to a completely new pace of upbeat, melody driven tunes it’s hard to find yourself lost in the sound. With so much track distinction from one to another, the overall album message isn’t as clear and it’s much easier to find peace with individual songs rather than the album as a whole.