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Album Review: Real Estate – Atlas

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Real Estate are back and bigger than ever with their new album Atlas. The New Jersey core trio has now become a quintet, and the addition of keys and new band members have made Atlas “their most richly detailed album to date”. This indie-rock band formed in 2009 and has recieved critical acclaim since the release of their self-titled debut album. Not only have their albums recieved positive reviews, but Real Estate have also become well-known for their great live performances. These achievements over the past five years seem to put Real Estate in good stead for the release of their third album Atlas.

Atlas_12GatefoldHad To Hear is a nice ‘soft’ start to the album, with gentle guitar riffs and a tranquil meoldy. Like all of the songs on the album, Had To Hear offers expertly penned lyrics full of depth. The Bend moves along at a relaxed pace, similar to the work on Real Estate’s previous albums. Crime and Horizon offer slightly more upbeat melodies, which is ironic given that their lyrics are some of the darkest. The highlight from Atlas is the instrumental April’s Song. This song demonstrates the talent at which all band members expertly manage their instruments. April’s Song is a track that is quite complex with many layers, and the fact that Real Estate restrained from adding vocals adds to its charm.

However, when listening to Atlas from one end to the other, the tracks can begin to all sound similar and repetitive. One reason the songs may sound similar is due to the vocal range used. There is no doubt as to the fantastic quality of the vocals but the same range is used in every song, leaving little distinction between them. Many of the songs also offer more music than vocals; whilst the melodies are enchanting, the standard of lyrics is excellent and it would have been nice to see a better balance between the music and vocals.

Atlas is an album that provides mesmerizing melodies in a relaxed and tranquil vibe. It’s the perfect album to play on a lazy day, listening to it run in the background as you go about your day. But whilst it may be an ideal album for the background music to your life, it doesn’t offer anything to suggest it could be the main feature.