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Album Review: Peter Andre – Come Fly With Me

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Peter Andre has had his fair share of the limelight over the years with his intriguing personal life, his current stint on Strictly Come Dancing‘s thirteenth season and more, but at the end of the day it’s about the music. Andre is back with his latest album Come Fly With Me, inspired by 100 Years of Frank Sinatra and consisting of Rat Pack classics.

Peter Andre - Come Fly With MeWhile songs like Come Fly With Me and I’ve Got You Under My Skin have been heard by all at least a hundred thousand times, it’s somewhat reassuring that there are still artists today who appreciate the classics. Peter Andre doesn’t have the strongest voice going around, but he proves you don’t need a solid set of pipes to record jazz and his efforts make you smile.

Slightly forgettable moments like Mack The Knife marks how at times throughout the album Andre was outshone by the instrumentation, but redemption landed in the form of lush ballad Ain’t It Strange (Falling In Love) which was much more suited to Andre’s subtle voice. For dedicated fans or those who love a bit of nostalgia there’s a swing rendition of his 1996 smash hit Mysterious Girl…enough said.

Swing albums released by pop stars can either be a hit or miss, yet it’s always great to see artists try something new and stray from the norm. Peter Andre’s Come Fly With Me may not be the greatest swing album on the market, but you can hear the passion he has for the genre in his renditions and you can’t help but give him some kudos. Hardcore fans will definitely be pleased with the result, but swing fans may not be so welcoming.