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Album Review: Peaches – Rub

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A thumping bass line and a simple cow-bell beat, complete with vocal work from none other than Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and like that, Peaches has re-entered the pop world after setting it afire so many years ago. She is demanding our attention once again and we are listening.

Peaches - RubPeaches, now 46, shows no signs of toning it down by delivering yet another explicitly delicious album that relishes and celebrates the filthier side of life. You’ll find no sappy ballads here, as it rips through its 11 songs so fast that you are sort of left sitting in a daze of pulsating beats and curses. Yet, ultimately the record leaves you feeling inspired – if not a little dirty.

One could argue that this album doubles as a ‘how-to’ guide for the sexually awkward, or perhaps it merely serves as a fantasy for Peaches to announce her dirtiest fantasies as the lyrics suggest we “swing our dick in the air” on the aptly titled Dick In The Air or “rub it against my thigh” on the title track Rub.

With other song titles such as Vaginoplasty and Dumb Fuck, it’s not going to garner her any song writing accolades but it will certainly cement her presence as pop’s dirtiest women and purveyor of the perverted pop song. Rub has enabled Peaches to once again take back the crown off by creating an album that is so genuinely bad-ass and risqué that it will make even the most sensitized blush.