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Album Review: Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

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After building a big name for themselves through radio and after the hype that followed their EP Graveyard Whistling, alternative five piece band Nothing But Thieves have finally released their first full length album. The self titled debut is hard to put into words: its unique sound stays so true to itself throughout that it’s basically impossible to poke holes in. From production, to writing, to the overall feeling, this LP truly is a masterpiece.

Nothing But Thieves - Nothing But ThievesThe album begins with Excuse Me, which was the perfect choice for an introduction because it’s epic. It starts off really dark and although that feeling stays present in each moment, the chorus brings a real edge to it, reminiscent of bands like Muse. Excuse Me is super smokey but its also there to tell a story, helped along by Connor Mason’s fireproof vocals, which clear the smoke and make you feel everything all at once.

Lover, Please Stay is a phenomenal track, because although it has the same hue as the rest of the album, it stands out alone amongst a sea of stories to bring you something brave and raw and honestly, that’s what makes it so special. From start to finish the rest of the instruments take a backseat to let Mason’s vocals pierce through the speakers and really hit you. It is just, there’s no other word for it, it’s breathtaking.

In fact Mason’s vocals deserve their own special mention because it’s obvious early on that a good 50% of their unique sound is thanks to his crystalline tone. In each track they play a different role and even with this, their power and emotion evoking nature never falters. In Itch and Trip Switch they take on this scratchy growl, but then in Wake Up Call and If I Get High they are so pure, gentle and goose-bump inducing that you wonder whether it’s the same singer.

Although Nothing But Thieves does have a consistent sound, it isn’t boring and it isn’t overdone at all, as each track has its own flair. It goes from the grunge rock sounds of Ban All The Music, to the striking and poignant chords of Graveyard Whistling, to the dark dance beats of Hostage, back to the rock edge of Drawing Pins all done in seamless succinct style. Nothing But Thieves really know what they’re doing and it could take them all the way.