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Album Review: Niki & The Dove – Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now

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Despite only forming in 2010, Swedish indie-tronic duo Niki & The Dove have created a sensory illusion of being involved with music for a lifetime. Summery emotions, and authentic production with sonically deep values and cooling feelings, give this confident musical outfit a reason to be talked about. Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf make an impressive come back in 2016 emerging with a new album – Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now – the follow-up to their debut record released back in 2012. Seemingly, the result is an imaginative, stunning and intelligently pieced together electronic indie record that marries an infectious groove with the ultimate goal of making humans dance.

Niki and The Dove - Everybodys Heart is Broken NowPacked to the brim with subtle, organic and effortless vocals that compliment the many shades of indie-coated electronica, Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now showcases the duo’s ability to push away from any preconceived expectations facing a dance record being made in 2016. A fluffy slew of different emotional pathways, the record grips to ambient, Balearic pop, and alternative dance music. Coconut Kiss is a perfect musical illustration of an island resort if it were reimagined as a sun-kissed, tropical, low-slung disco killer. Soothing echoed vocals, tight drums, and lush keys twist together like a freshly made poolside Negroni. It’s emotional dance music for different moods. Uplift and positivity shine through on Ode To a Dance Floor as the track does what it says on the tin. A seven and a half-minute percussive number with rhythmic, and innocently sung vocals that tie elements of the track together with a bundle of melodic chord progression. Exploring the diverse range of Malin’s vocals, Lost Ub could easily be mistaken for a Fleetwood Mac song, yet encapsulates enough originality to plant the track as one of the more delicately designed cuts off the record. Luscious synths and funky guitar transgress over four minutes for the heightening and touching journey taken on You Stole My Heart Away, as the track unveils the colourful nostalgic pleasantry heard in Malin’s soulful, milky voice.

Of the many factors that tie together on the record, one thing is for certain – the duo effortlessly proves they can make timeless, indie pop music that evokes excitement. By utilising fresh components, they also hold onto a promising, musical uniqueness. The instrumentation is met with ripened precision and mindful execution as the neat and pearly vocals transform throughout the album with delightful and confident projection. Niki & The Dove have cohesively arranged a breezy, seminal and invigorating pop dance record with vibrant qualities and stimulating results.