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Album Review: Night Terrors of 1927 – Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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Blake Sennett and Jarrod Gorbel make up the LA based indie/pop duo, Night Terrors of 1927; the story of their formation is that of interest, the pair met through mutual friends, Blake also produced some material from Jarrod’s solo career and had only briefly touched on the subject of writing together…before now. Their debut album Everything’s Coming Up Roses has been highly anticipated, will the two mates be a musical match made in heaven?

Night Terrors of 1927 - Everything's Coming Up RosesThe eclectic Dust and Bones kicks off what is a promising sound and in some cases first impressions are everything, the very first track sells Night Terrors of 1927 instantly, which is a good sign; the beat savvy Running In Place keeps you hooked, the synths are very much in play which gives the track some lift, its energy is commendably wondrous. Perfect Day follows the same route, but with a different vibe, these guys are nailing the indie/pop genre and they’re running with it. Canadian indie pop/rock twins Tegan & Sara feature on the album’s lead single When You Were Mine, an impressionable collaboration as the vocals really compliment each other and the sound overall is ace; the acoustic guitar in the wake of the synths in Novocaine is a breath of fresh air, not only is there a rawness in the vocals/lyrics we also hear some in the instrumentation of this track.The keys introduce It Would Be An Honor rigorously, this is the most upbeat track so far and shows us some more depth and versatility.

If you haven’t already fallen in love with this album, Fire With Fire may just win you over, its beautiful tonality and ambience really pulls you in; if not, a few dozen play throughs of Always Be One may do as the uptempo and energetic tunes continue to roll out. Shine is also a wonderful inclusion, this album’s downtempo stuff is just as enjoyable as the head boppers, this track also has the perfect acoustic rendition available on the duo’s Soundcloud account; there’s more of a minimalist approach to the beginnings Always Take You Back, which allows you to focus initially on the vocal/lyrical content, but before long the track’s character approaches and evolves it into a fuller sound. Last, but certainly not least, Coming Up Roses ends the album on a more deeper note, it becomes possibly the most memorable track on the debut.

Night Terrors of 1927 have a good thing going with their effervescent debut, Everything’s Coming Up Roses is a title that pretty much sums up the duo’s solid and meaningful sound, whilst as an album it shines. If you haven’t heard of this pair yet, now is probably the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and follow their career; if their debut album is as captivating as it really is, it will be interesting to hear what Night Terrors of 1927 have in store for our ears in the hopefully not too distant future.