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Album Review: Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas (Deluxe)

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It was a dark time for tweens when The Jonas Brothers announced their split over a year and a half ago, but Nick Jonas has put it behind him and continued to pursue his own goals; if you haven’t heard his single Jealous blasted all over mainstream radio, the rock you live under must be quite comfortable. While a solo career was imminent for the talented singer/actor, we have seen him on our television screens quite more than anticipated over the last few years with appearances on shows like Smash and The X Factor US, even on stage for the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying; his recent photo shoot for Calvin Klein springs to mind, whether you like it or not. Jonas’ return to recording has been highly anticipated, and we’re here to see what the hype surrounding his new self-titled album is all about.

Nick Jonas - Nick JonasLead single Chains opens Nick Jonas with an almost unexpected tonality from the singer, it’s got an intensely dark atmosphere which is backed up lyrically, we may be in for a more mature pop sound from Jonas. Jealous on the other hand was more of what we were expecting, it’s this catchy and addictive dose of power pop, Jonas nails the delivery of the track with is powerful falsetto. Jonas yearns to correct his partner’s errors of love as a Teacher as if her Mother had never taught her before, and Warning is that predictably catchy yet repetitive number with a chorus that slightly pinches a nerve; the constant humming throughout Wilderness may or may not put you off, but overall the song has a gripping atmosphere. Rapper Angel Haze lends her rhymes to the Urban/pop extravaganza Numb, the expected track to be featured on the album of a pop star; it was refreshing to hear somebody like Angel though, it would have been an exhausted move if Nicki Minaj had been featured.

The traditional lyrics of modern pop rears its all too familiar head in Take Over as Jonas’ girl talks dirty to him with a “na na” hook; Push is a little more airy and you allow this moment to wash all over you to refresh your brain for the album’s remainder. I Want You brings the pace of the album back up and you won’t be able to get it out of your head too easily, Avalanche is a power pop ballad featuring Demi Lovato and winds up being an instant album favourite; the collaborations on this album are pretty solid. Nothing Would Be Better ends the standard edition of the album on a lighter note, when we get to hear Nick’s voice in an intimate manner we have a chance to admire his abilities. The deluxe includes a remix of Chains that lifts the original dark mood and gives us a more atmospheric arrangement; bonus track Santa Barbara has a sound completely different, Jonas’ falsetto shines once again but you yearn for the song to change up a little. Lastly Closer features Mike Posner and it’s this finger-clicking and thumpy dose of pop that reels you in for the album’s final moments.

Nick Jonas contained both some expected and some unexpected moments. Expectedly there were tracks that instantly fell under the typical mainstream pop genre, lyrically and sonically, but this is the market that Nick Jonas appeases to so it makes sense; unexpectedly there were tracks that you would turn around and wonder if that was actually Jonas. If you are a die hard fan of Nick Jonas you will love it and will see no fault, if you are a fan of pop music you will either take it or leave it; the sound of an album to a music lover is formed by their opinion. Nick Jonas has done the pop music genre proud but it may or nay not leave a lasting impression on listeners.