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Album Review: MODOC – Automatic + Voluntary

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Passionate rockers MODOC, are back, with a new set of punchy, riff driven songs up their sleeves. Their sophomore full-length album, entitled Automatic + Voluntary sees this trio get in touch with the iconic roots of rock n roll, while evolving that sound with new sonic and emotional arrangements.

MODOC Automatic VoluntaryOpening with the bold Black Eyed Lover, layered with punchy drums and electric riffs that pave the way for this feisty tune, and set the overall tone for the album. Moving along, Kids On The Run starts soft, with delicate plucks and drums that build with hast as the energy radiates within the chorus. Backed by rounds of “oohs and ahhs” Clint Culberson jauntily exclaims, “we just want to feel alive while we’re young” / “But everyone thinks we’re kids on the run”. Structurally Make The World Wait and No News Is Good News have similar notes, with lacklustre verses evolving into striking hooks.

While the sinister licks of Get A Taste are enough to bring you back to attention, particularly those leading into the final chorus as you’re struck with its flurry of rock riffs and a punchy drum beat. With gritty vocals exclaiming, “I want to misbehave, I want to lose control” / “I want to get a taste, I want to break your soul” before fading into the next high energy track. And I Feel Nothing marches on to a comparable beat, with it’s angst fuelled attitude oozing as Culberson chants, “I feel nothing, no matter how I try – to feel something” over a rhythmic beat and guitar feedback.

While some bands fall short when attempting to overcome the elusive sophomore slump, MODOC take it all in their stride. With each of their tracks promoting a lazy arrogance that effectively progresses into a killer chorus being a common theme amongst Automatic + Voluntary. Giving this record another listen is certainly voluntary, but it’s sure to come automatically.