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Album Review: Mike Posner – At Night, Alone.

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After the success of his chart blowing single I Took A Pill In Ibiza, American singer-song writer Mike Posner’s follow up album At Night, Alone. does not disappoint. Encouraged by his friend and country singer, Jake Owen, to “tell the truth” through his music, Posner takes an introspective and more intimate approach to this collection of songs which serve as an expression of his sincere observations of love, work and life. This album is like opening a book and reading his story.

Mike Posner_At Night Alone_AlbumMany are familiar with the SeeB remix version of the track I Took A Pill In Ibiza, but the real treasure is the warm acoustic version presented as the opening of the album. It draws you in with a heartfelt folk guitar introduction followed by Posner’s unique singing voice. It’s one of those tracks that deeply resonates with a listener because of it’s simplicity yet perfectly balanced tempo, contrast and instrumentation.

The album is captivating throughout as each track has been carefully crafted and placed. The combination of the standard band line up and a string section, notably in the tracks Not That Simple and Iris, accompanying the infectious melodies work well together to create a full and balanced sound. Silence departs from this acoustic sound by the inclusion of electronic and hip-hop elements. Posner also created a jarring rhythmic effect communicating the raw emotion in the track.

Clearly, Posner is not one to shy away from writing in various styles. Only God Knows is a full blown a cappella choir piece which is gutsy firstly, because it is exposing; secondly, it takes considerable skill to write and deliver a convincing choir piece. This is appropriate as the whole point of this album is to be honest and Be As You Are as his mama told him. Also, he effectively includes characteristics of blues and even punk rock in the track Jade with its exhilarating chorus that makes you feel like screaming out in fury right along with him. Buried In Detroit is reminiscent of the song writing style of such greats as the Carpenters and uses full sweeping cinematic string orchestration.

For those who delight in more danceable renditions of Posner’s music, the album includes bonus remixes of six of his songs. He is skilled in melody and his hooks lend themselves to dance music resulting in some stand out dance tracks.

Listen to the album At Night, Alone. at night and alone- as Posner intended- and let the sound of each track wash over you. Mike Posner can write a Hell Of A Song; this is definitely a hell of an album.