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Album Review: Michael Buble – To Be Loved (Australian Deluxe Edition)

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As we reach the end of the year Christmas jingles are being played left, right and centre. But if you feel like it’s love in the air and Valentines Day is the only holiday on your mind, Michael Buble’s To Be Loved (Deluxe) is an album not to miss. With it’s original version released a couple of months after love season in April, the deluxe edition of Buble’s eigth studio album includes three new tracks. While three tracks and a red cover instead of the standard yellow doesn’t feel like much of a step up from the already alluring 14 tracks, rest assured Be My Baby, It’s A Beautiful Day (Swing Mix), and My Melancholy Baby is worth the extra bucks.

Michael Buble To Be LovedWhether you first heard of his captivating voice all the way back in 2005 with his hit cover of Feeling Good, or when Haven’t Met You Yet was trending in 2009, Buble has shot straight to celebrity status due to his baritone voice.  The canadian jazz singer is going as strong as he ever has been with all of his releases gaining tremendous support and a number of awards. From AMA’s, Grammy’s, Juno and BRIT awards, Buble’s one of a kind voice is highly recognised worldwide. To Be Loved keeps up with Buble’s shimmering reputation, winning it’s fair share of accolades as it reaches platinum and gold sales all over the world, as well as reaching a peak of #1 in various countries album charts like Australia, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand and the UK.

Some highlights from the original version of To Be Loved include Buble’s renditions of popular heartfelt songs like You Make Me Feel So Young and You’ve Got A Friend In Me. There’s also his notable collaborations with Reese Witherspoon in Something Stupid and After All, featuring Bryan Adams himself. The Puppini Sisters also make an appearance in Nevertheless (I’m In Love With You). Combined with singles like It’s A Beautiful Day and Close Your Eyes, which are original tracks written by Buble and his team, it’s safe to say the album was a great musical cake with the deluxe edition acting as the cherry on top.

Buble’s adaptation of The Ronette’s Be My Baby is nostalgic more than anything, with the right kind of 60’s feel, as the harmonies get you swaying your head and singing along. It’s A Beautiful Day (Swing Mix) is quite a stripped back version of the original single, and it’s the simplicity that really makes an impact. The bopping beat of the track gives a song more of a natural vibe, almost an acoustic atmosphere. As the roaring brass play their final note, it takes a bit to adjust to the originally pop sound of It’s A Beautiful Day. The deluxe album ends on a sombre mood with My Melancholy Lady, a popularised song that has been performed by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, but published all the way back in 1912. The way Buble vocalises the sadness expressed in the accompanying strings is a great representation of the singer’s abilities.

With Michael stating that “I think it’s the best album I’ve ever made…I know every artist on earth says that when their new album is coming out but really – this time it’s true. I swear. You can ask my mother.” from his own website, it’s sure to say that To Be Loved is the kind of album you’d want to take things slow with and plan a future together. There’s no other way to talk about it.