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Album Review: Michael Bublé – Nobody But Me

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If there’s one undeniable fact about Michael Bublé’s artistry, it’s that he has an uncanny ability to perfectly match whatever genre of music he’s tackling vocally. From his smooth jazz numbers to the more contemporary takes, he manages to shift his voice in a way that makes it palatable and fitting consistently and without fail. This is a trait that once again shows itself on Nobody But Me, a diverse back-and-forth of numerous different styles that once again showcases his variety and talents.

Michael Buble Nobody But MeFrom the first moment, Nobody But Me shows off the scope it’s trying to achieve. Opening on the upbeat pop number I Believe in You, an original track that showcases his pop-ready vocals against a catchy light rock arrangement, he quickly shifts into his jazz crooner mode with My Kind Of Girl, snapping back and forth between contemporary and standard styles over the next few songs. His ability to meld to each track is on full show here from the first moment, and his original material especially shines in terms of the entire collection.

There’s no surprise that the jazz covers are all enjoyable, tackled in that typical Bublé style, but the original tracks and the pop-oriented covers are easily the most enjoyable tracks on show here. Aside from I Believe in You, the album’s title track and the ukulele-laden duet with Meghan Trainor, Someday, are the most enjoyable songs on the album, and counter the slow, smooth nature of the jazz songs well. Take You Away, one of the album’s bonus tracks, mixes both the pop and jazz styles the album covers together perfectly in a fitting penultimate track, and one that ties the entire piece together perfectly before ending on a stunning piano and strings cover of God Only Knows.

This definitely feels like a regular Bublé album, but it’s definitely a high quality one that shows off his multitude of talents well. While it’s not entirely original or inventive, the original tracks bring a breath of fresh air to the entire collection that evens the process out and makes it much more enjoyable than it could have been, to the point that one could hope that we hear albums with larger amounts of original Bublé material in the future. Regardless, Nobody But Me is another highly enjoyable album from Michael Bublé that fans are sure to enjoy.