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Album Review: Martin Courtney – Many Moons

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There usually comes a time when the lead vocalist of a group embarks on a solo career, and the time is now for Real Estate frontman Martin Courtney. His debut solo album Many Moons has been described as a “bright, lush collection of soft psychedelia” and touches on “his personal life as a family man and a touring musician”. It will be interesting to hear how his solo journey differs from his work with Real Estate.

MCIV_12inch_jacket_newTextMany Moons is like a subtle breeze flowing through the air with its light and easy-going characteristics. The guitar-led arrangements make the album sound as if you are listening to a dream. Courtney’s uncomplicated voice delivers the lyrics and the emotions with ease like this album was something he was born to do, his vocals peaking on tracks such as Vestiges and the slightly boppier lead single Northern Highways.

The overall sound of the album is quite appealing and Courtney’s vocals really explore a variety of different ranges from track to track. The instrumentation of each track is also dissimilar and adds to the listening experience. It’s the perfect album for those who prefer an easy listen and will enjoy tracks like Foto and Focus as they relax after a long day or during a sunny afternoon.

Many Moons is probably best described as a simplistic record. Martin Courtney has made his first solo effort something that’s not too harsh on the ears or polluted with production. You could place it on the same shelf as Real Estate’s records without hesitation: although some of the work on Many Moons shares similarities with that of his band’s.