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Album Review: Marti Pellow – Love to Love, Vol. 2

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2011 saw former Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow croon his way back to the top of the British music charts with his Love to Love album, a feel-good nostalgia trip through some of the most iconic love songs of the last century. Fast forward to 2015, and his latest release Love to Love Volume II picks up exactly where Volume I left off, with the Scottish-born singer reprising another set of classic love songs by the likes of Barbra Streisand and Bobby Goldsboro.

marti pellow love to loveIt’s a sentimental, string-heavy album which relies on Pellow’s powerful voice and lush instrumental arrangements to make an emotional impact. This is a suite of songs which don’t exactly pack a punch as much as they tug at the heartstrings. Orchestration and production are incredibly lavish, with Pellow sparing no expense for the album – strings were provided care of the Irish Film Orchestra, and apart from romantic duet One True Love, featuring Louise Dearman, all vocals, including backup, were recorded entirely by Pellow himself.

Although his voice is undeniably impressive, all too often Pellow’s choice to cover well-known songs sees him imitating original arrangements rather than offering new interpretations. As such, some of the best moments on the album are those by songwriter Jimmy Webb: ballad All I Know is one of the standout demonstrations of Pellow’s vocal talent, while Wichita Lineman picks up the pace a little, injecting some much-needed pizzazz amongst otherwise low-octane tracks. In any case, the album’s vibrant production and iconic song selections are sure to impress.