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Album Review: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

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21 year old, Pennsylvania-born Mac Miller has recently hit us with his second studio album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. 21 sounds pretty young to have a second studio album but Miller’s been in the game since he was just 14 years old while also dabbling in producing under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman and is said to be a self taught musician in piano, drums and bass.

MacMillerWatchingMoviesWithTheSoundOffWhen I first sat down with Watching Movies With The Sound Off I really wasn’t expecting much. Most of his songs themes touch on money, drugs and demeaning women, BUT in saying this, his songs often don’t feel as if he has lived them and is instead peering into someone elses life.

Miller shot to fame with his 2011 LP Blue Slide Park, where he received mixed reviews. The LP was also criticized on its production. Watching Movies With The Sound Off is a far cry from Blue Slide Park with this new albums production being very tight.

The first track, The Star Room gives us a futuristic, psychedelic insight into the overall vibe of the LP, hitting everyday life issues while trying to find itself through excess in the limelight. A line in the song cleverly reads “Can’t decide if you like the fame. Three years ago to now it’s just not the same. Looking out the window, ashing on the pane, I wonder if I lost my way?”. The Star Room is super clever with its catchy lyrics and opens Miller up, exposing the realness behind him.

Songs like Avian, I’m Not Real and Objects In The Mirror provide a beautifully serine soundtrack behind the serious subject matters of these numbers, almost in an attempt to soften the blow. Objects In The Mirror would have to be my favorite track of the LP with its distorted keys, bird effects, tribal drums and Millers voice flowing throughout the track. The sparkling guitar solo through the chorus builds the vibe, distracting from the intense theme of peer pressure and suicide. It’s a must hear.

“When I die throw a couple bad bitches in my casket” Miller hollers in the Watching Movies. This song talks about how the social media has turned people with fame into gods. Getting to this track has made me realize that Miller, although just 21 years of age, has got a lot to say and it’s all very interesting.

Mac Miller has a new voice in the hip-hop genre and all in all this new album is pretty damn good. Despite the release date being the same as Kayne West’s Yeezus,Watching Movies With The Sound Off is just as big and relevant. Mac Miller is a voice for the younger generation.

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