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Album Review: Linkin Park – One More Light

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Photo: Warner Music Australia

One More Light is the latest album to be released by Linkin Park. Always pushing to develop their sound, the album takes the band in a new direction by drawing largely on a cosmopolitan, urban inspired pop sound. However, Linkin Park’s distinguished point of view is consistent throughout. It is obvious that the band was in creative control, having Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda as producers on the album staying true to their artistic integrity.

Good Goodbye fuses EDM, rock and hip hop and features the talents of rapper Pusha T and Stormzy, who adds a taste of grime. Talking To Myself stood out to me for its strong lyrics and ability to move in and out of double time; the energy levels are skillfully varied throughout the song without it feeling jarring. Battle Symphony certainly seems to be the most pop styled track that would not seem out of place next to a Zara Larsson track fighting it out in the charts. Heavy is another track with an injection of new wave pop and features a big up and comer in the music industry, Kiiara. The namesake track of the album, One More Light, is poignant musically and asks a pertinent question, “Who cares if one more light goes out?” questioning apathy for fellow human beings and going on to answer, “Well I do”. Sharp Edges, the closing track leaves us with a sense of hope offering some motherly advice accompanied by singer-songwriter style guitar.

As I listened to One More Light, the music became more and more convincing and secure. At the start I was a little trepidatious about their new sound, but it certainly grew on me as I continued to listen. Linkin Park incorporated a spectrum of styles into this album but kept it a cohesive collection. Die hard fans of Linkin Park might be stunned by the new direction in their sound and style, but they’ll come ‘round when it’s clear that they communicate their distinct point of view lyrically and musically.