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Album Review: Lifehouse – Out Of The Wasteland

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Alternative rock outfit Lifehouse had the world Hanging By A Moment when they first burst onto the scene with that single, and with follow-up hits like You And Me and Whatever It Takes, a fruitful career soon followed. With over 15 million albums sold Lifehouse mean business, and they have returned after a refreshing three year hiatus with studio album number seven, Out Of The Wasteland.

Lifehouse - Out Of The WastelandThe electrifying Hurricane leads the release on an energetic note, it could easily become a radio hit with its addictive melody and arrangement; you could compare it to Matchbox Twenty’s later stuff. One For The Pain depicts a drowning of sorrows after the end of a close relationship and is one of the catchiest tracks on the album, and then there’s the emotional piano/rock ballad Flight that begins as a subtle wisp before exploding. The atmosphere intensifies with the rocked out Runaways, which is counteracted by the more relaxed yet engaging Firing Squad; the diversity between tracks on this album makes for a smoother listen. Even the acoustic guitar gets a go for the sentimental Wish.

Stardust is yet another number with a powerful chorus, an area of expertise for Lifehouse, and Alien is a little more toned down and soothing. The tender Central Park has this aura the grips you from start to finish, with its easy to follow melody and some more commendable vocal work, even when lead singer Jason isn’t belting you feel exhilarated with  the group’s work. The group tone it down once again with Hurt This Way, and even more so with the dragged out yet warming introduction to Yesterday’s Son, even when the track reaches its climax it remains tranquil. Closing track Hourglass closes the album on a lighter note too, ending the journey with the beauty of piano and strings.

Is this the Lifehouse we all know and love? The answer is of course yes, Out Of The Wasteland combines compelling and emotional environments to deliver a sound that is both solid and deep, Lifehouse are still doing what they do best and that is to release a decent alternative rock record. It is rare for the group to let fans down, perhaps the only critique would be that there weren’t as many upbeat rock powered songs included, but despite this you have the opportunity to hear Lifehouse like you have never heard them before. Out Of The Wasteland proves that Lifehouse have still got it and they won’t lose it anytime soon, so do yourselves a favour and give it a spin.