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Album Review: Kim Churchill – Weight_Falls

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Photo: Atlantic Records UK

Weight_Falls  is Kim Churchill’s sixth studio album release. The album certainly presents Churchill as an older and wiser version of himself, both in the confidence in his musical direction and in the lyrical content of his songs. Ian Pritchett (Angus & Julia Stone, The Beautiful Girls) served as producer of Weight_Falls.

Knowing that Kim Churchill has the quintessential qualities of a laid back surfer from the sunny Australian east coast, I would describe Weight_Falls as capturing the idea of the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. The line running through the album takes you up- your body in rhythm with his more upbeat numbers- and he then takes it back again- getting you in touch with your heart the next moment. His songs resonate with the extrovert and introvert in you, the former in vibrant songs like Breakneck Speed and GOLDEN, and the latter in more subdued songs like Goes Away and the confessional Rippled Water – which is so open and relatable.

Churchill creates balance between light instrumentation and anchored downbeats in full scoring. His musical expression is subtle and complex, poising himself in the middle ground between numerous emotions and musical feel; a sense of adventure and wonderment (The Border), search for forgiveness or redemption (Rippled Water),  melancholy (Night_Gloom), earthiness versus the ethereal (Whole Entire/Heart Of You/What I’m Missing), and an innocent uplifting kind of  love even in the face of death (Rosemary).

Weight_Falls by Kim Churchill is uplifting and inspiring. He captures human emotion and experience through his dexterous guitar playing, vast sound palette and grounded song writing, like no other.