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Album Review: Kid Ink – Summer In The Winter

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Hip-Hop dream team Kid Ink and DJ Mustard (as executive producer) are up to their hit making antics once again, teaming up to create a fresh collection of bangers, Summer In The Winter. Not taking themselves all too seriously the album has a very chill, mixtape vibe too it, with no real reason or rhyme it definitely works.

Kid Ink Summer In The WinterSetting up on a bold note is opener Bunny Ranch, a Kid Ink solo full of deep beat and bass full of almost sinister sneers. With Ink hyping up what’s to come, closing out the track exclaiming, “we on a career high, man it’s lookin’ Korean” / “Hundrends in the building, Summer in the Winter”. And the attitude only flows from here on out, with Real Recognize, Same Day and Bank hitting just as hard. While Ink noted that Summer In The Winter was all vibes, each track demands attention, much like the highly anticipated Blowin’ Swishers Pt. 2 featuring rising star Starrah, a worthy sequel to 2010 blunt enthusiasm track. Taking its pulsing bass, hype verses and insanely catchy chorus its a track destined to blow up.

Joining Kid Ink in the studio to help craft his tracks is a solid group of talent, taking each track to new highs. With collaborations from Fetty Wap on Promise, Akon with Rewind and Omarion on title track Summer In The Winter, there’s plenty of star power to go around. Beat after beat, each track has an infectious vibe with effortless verses, filling out this mixtape inspired album. Summer In The Winter is a solid collection, with plenty of groove inspiring beats and big verses. Where it faults itself is in its lack of variation but that’s just part of the fun in a mixtape. Kid Ink and DJ Mustard have definitely proved they’re a force to be reckoned when it comes to hip-hop bangers.