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Album Review: Kid Ink – My Own Lane

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American rapper, Kid Ink, gives a new refreshing title to start off 2014 with My Own Lane which shows promising potential by the hip-hop artist with his laid-back and easygoing approach towards making rap music. The album features the contagious and infectious track, Show Me, featuring Chris Brown, giving an inviting and intriguing promise for My Own Lane.

Kid Ink - My Own LaneThe rapper has said that the title of the album comes from his struggle as an artist because being a producer himself has been a challenging process since he listens to a variety of music and doesn’t really set limitations on himself by sticking to one genre. He has mentioned that the true meaning behind the release is to show fans that he doesn’t want to be categorised and compared to other artists because of the music he makes. He wants to set a name for himself and do things in his own way.

Hello World is a catchy and fun track that introduces My Own Lane in a delightful way . The stand out trait that Kid Ink’s music has is the fact that his musical style approach is very relaxed and not too intense. Iz U Down featuring Tyga continues on the rhythm of the album and it’s definitely a wonder hit on the album.

Although Show Me featuring Chris Brown was an absolute hit for fans, Main Chick is another notable track and it’s clear that both Kid Ink and Chris Brown work well together, reinforcing and giving a refreshing new side to hip-hop/rap music should be made. No Miracles shows the sentiments of the actual album and it’s clear that the song meaning behind it is taking the opportunity to do whatever it takes to make a name for yourself. This gives a strong take on his aim to be a unique and well-recognised rapper in the music industry.

Although Kid Ink may not be a well-recognised rap artist, he surely knows how to make solid and grounded rap music. He’s a rapper with lots of potential and listeners can find that this album is only the beginning of his growing career as a rapper. He definitely has made successful progress in My Own Lane and fans can have hope that one day he will be able to find his own lane without anybody stopping him from doing the impossible.