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Album Review: Kid Ink – Full Speed

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Last year was a big year for LA rapper Kid Ink, the tattoo covered artist released his debut major label album My Own Lane which entered at number one on the Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart and number two on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart. The albums hit single Show Me featuring Chris Brown was one of the biggest tracks of the year spending 18 weeks at number one on the Rap Airplay charts and has had over four million views on YouTube, so I think its safe to say it was a pretty successful year for the Californian native. Now in 2015 Kid Ink is back at it again with the release of his major label sophomore album Full Speed and just like his previous album I’m sure this to will generate a lot of mainstream success however; just because an album receives mainstream success doesn’t always mean its a good album, My Own Lane is a perfect example and I’m sure Full Speed will follow suit.

Full Speed - Kid InkThe opening track What It Feels Like actually shows a bit of promise with a dope trap style beat that has a somewhat epic vibe to it almost sounding like it could be in one of the Rocky films and even though his voice still has that whine to it this is probably one of the better tracks on the album. Unfortunately the promise doesn’t last long and its all down hill from here, tracks like Dolo and Hotel sound like they should be on a soundtrack for a sweet 16, a bunch of corny lyrics about girls & flirtation ‘Body so dumb I’ma call it body dodo/Face so pretty girl you should be a logo’, that being said though I’m sure these tracks will probably be major hits in the club scene.

Its obvious that Full Speed was made for mainstream radio play and the albums first single Body Language proves that theory thoroughly. Featuring two R&B heavyweights Usher and Tinashe Body Language was always going to be a hit, with a catchy beat and a bunch of tacky lyrics you can bet all the 18 year olds will be going crazy over this one in the clubs. Once again you might think I’m being to harsh but this is just my opinion, when I listen to an album I don’t want to hear five songs in a row about girls and flirting and fashion, I want to hear music that tells a story, has meaning and passion, to me this album is garbage however; if you’re into corny lyrics and occasional catchy beats and sweet 16 soundtracks then you will probably love this album.

Labelled as one of the most anticipated hip hop albums of 2015, are you Kid Ink me?