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Album Review: Kasey Chambers – Dragonfly

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Photo: Warner Music

The acclaimed Australian song writer and performing artist, Kasey Chambers, is back with a new studio album, Dragonfly. The double album features a wealth of Australian and international talent; Paul Kelly as producer for the first half of the album- the Sing Sing Sessions, Kasey’s brother Nash Chambers, as producer for the second half- the Foggy Mountains Sessions, and collaborations with Foy Vance, Ed Sheeran, Kieth Urban and more. With an impressive crew on board for Dragonfly, it’s hard not to get excited about it!

Kasey Chambers DragonflyDragonfly is an hour and twenty minutes long and every moment of the album has been carefully crafted, engaging the listener’s interest. This is no small feat for any artist let alone someone writing their eleventh album; it is a test of true artistry. Chambers’s affinity for story telling shines through her folk and country music style calling the attention of the common man to the high intellect as she shares her anecdotes, wisdom and lessons learnt, bible narratives, and inspiration from great literary works

Ain’t No Little Girl was the first song written for the album and thusly sets the tone. Every detail of the music supports the theme. The idle waltz feel almost mocking the traditional pairing up of a partners in the dance, while the wailing blues vocals and instrumentation drive the message home. The dynamics of romantic relationships feature as a prominent theme through out the album. Romeo & Juliet opens with a poignant vocal entrance by Chambers joined by a slow melancholic march rhythm on the snare and later Foy Vance enters in the powerful, Celtic inspired, transcending chorus. This song will make the hair on the back of you neck stand up. Chambers’s use of imagery in her poetry is captivating as in the song Satellite, where she sings “hung around you like a satellite…I like that I love you” commenting on how lovers can have a gravitational pull on each other, an endearing metaphor.

Chambers is revered as one of Australia’s top country musicians and there is more than a generous serving to satisfy your country twang. Drawing from the deep south traditions of gospel and blues, she transports you to a different world as you listen to Shackle & Chain, No Ordinary Man featuring Harry Hookey, Vika Bull and Linda Bull, and her duet with Kieth Urban, If We Had A Child– a beautiful country ballad. If you really want to bring the country outta you, get your heart racing with Hey featuring Paul Kelly and The Devil’s Wheel featuring Grizzlee Train.