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Album Review: Julio Iglesias – 1s: The Collection

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Julio Iglesias has released his new album 1’s The Collection, he has recently been titled the best-selling Latin artist in history which almost guarantees you will enjoy this latest compilation of tracks from the impassioned artist. 1s The Collection is a compilation of 18 tracks plucked from his very glittery career.

The collection launches with a cover of Cole Porter’s Begin the Beguine setting the scene instantly with a romantic style that is delivered in Spanish. A homage to his origins, the song was a hit that gained traction for its the time and was featured in a Fred Astaire musical.

Julio Iglesias - 1s The CollectionThe romance and passion that Igelsias brings with his music is unparalleled. You feel your hips sway and your head tip back as his enchanting voice takes you away.

Vincent is a rich offering early in the record; a cover of Don McLean’s 1971 song, Iglesias brought it back to life in 1990.  Further past hits such as To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before, a duet with Willie Nelson, is included on 1s The Collection and helped Iglesias break the English language market in the early 1980s.  The album isn’t short of heavy weight partners with artists such as Diana Ross (All Of You), Stevie Wonder (My Love), Dolly Parton (When You Tell Me You Love Me) and Frank Sinatra (Summer Wind) featuring on the album. With such support it is no surprise that Julio Iglesias has reached such high acclaim.

Iglesias is now 70 and this could be some of the final collections we hear from this talented artist. With such a strong and identifiable voice, Iglesias has been releasing albums since 1969 on a regular basis and scores well with this new effort. 1s The Collection is an enjoyable and nostalgic trip back over the years and over a lengthy career, bringing together some of Iglesias’ best work to date.