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Album Review: Joe Bonamassa – Blues of Desperation

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Joe Bonamassa knows how to rock with the blues. A professional musician for the last 26 years, Bonamassa started with a gig most blues musicians would only dream of – opening for the legend B.B. King, aged 12. Blues of Desperation is his new album, and it’s a rockin’ album that is as tough as leather. Bonamassa has delivered a classic blues album that holds up to the standards he’s set for himself.

Joe Bonamassa - Blues of Desperation

This Train is a fast paced opener. The drums are hit hard and heavy, the guitar is filled with life and the lyrics fit the feel of the song. ‘This train ain’t gonna wait for no one’ is a statement of intent. Bonamassa isn’t going to wait for you to rock; either you’re on board or left at the station.

No Good is a classic blues song with a hard edge. It’s a difficult track not to get sucked into, with the guitars seesawing before hitting a slower pace in the chorus. There’s a desperation in this song that Bonamassa captures well.

Blues of Desperation starts off slow, with interesting effects on the guitar. Bonamassa usually keeps to the rock blueprint, but can change it up when he wants to and he does this so effortlessly here. There’s a grunge feel to this number, within the tracks soft/heavy dynamic. The echo on Bonamassa’s voices adds a sense of distance to the song like he’s reaching out to something unseen. How Deep This River Runs is a classic track that’s very much the blues. The chunky guitars work with Bonamassa’s passionate voice.

That Bonamassa has been influenced by the history of blues and rock is all over this album. He makes the sound his own, and he’s still feeling the music. Blues of Desperation is a heavy, guitar, hard-hitting album that explodes out the speakers.