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Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues

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Jimmy Eat World have at the steepest and most memorable points, been a band that everybody remembers but seldom follows. Much has changed and been tweaked over the years, as the American four-piece now untangle their multidisciplinary abilities by nurturing the necessary elements for a well-balanced and nurtured album.

Jimmy Eat World - Integrity BluesThe band’s ninth studio record immediately hooks the listener from the earliest moments in You With Me; a hazy memory that drifts around the building guitar virtues and against a noble percussion canvas. Sure and Certain grips an increased ferocity with hearty guitar bearings and a deeper bass line voltage. A thin and shifting emotion glaze over the song’s core with a seraphic breakdown that eventually releases into a higher and respectable rock clarity. There’s a sliver of experimental influence throughout the record as well, touching on the band’s interests in electronic segments. Much of this is heard in Pass The Baby. Still, There is a well-balanced energy that leads into a number of territories such as the hard, punk nature that most associate with Jimmy Eat World. Evidence of this exudes from track’s like Get Right and Through. The album’s title track, Integrity Blues, works more as a calming and reflective audio confession. Impeccable vocals transpire over this three and a quarter minute beatless and emotional force both melodic and distinct. Tieing together the sprawling satisfaction, Pol Roger practices as a contemporary crescendo of hidden beauty and confident mystique; embracing the listener with soul etchings and a polished rock mastery.

In retrospect, the record has a beautiful narrative. A graduated and respected tone that Jimmy Eat World so boldly clutch and express. The songs speak for themselves and display the ebullience of humble tidings and diligent songwriting. For this reason and a number of others, Integrity Blues plants among one of, if not the best and proudest releases that we’ve caught from the band.