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Album Review: Jessica Mauboy – Beautiful

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Some call her the Australian version of Beyoncé Knowles and without a doubt, Jessica Mauboy proves this with her latest release of Beautiful. Jessica has since then continued her musical journey from being the sweet, little sixteen year old  Australian Idol Runner-Up into a Pop/RnB sensation. 6 years ago, she auditioned with the song I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, impressing and winning the hearts of the judges. Now, she has just recently released her third album and is touring nationally, showing that sometimes the people that start with nothing, get given everything when they work hard to earn and achieve their goals. Beautiful is not only a fantastic album but it has the perfect balance of Pop and RnB and is sure to win over fans that love a good beat and not to mention Jessica Mauboy’s amazing vocals.

JessicaMauboyBeautifulThe album starts off on a high note with the track Beautiful. Like a typical pop song, you could easily mistake this track as the beginning of a Katy Perry song but it speaks for itself. It’s an addictive track that is bound to be stuck in your head for days on end. Seeing as it has a summer lovin’ feel, the song creates a perfect atmosphere for beaches and sunny weather. Imagine driving around your cool vintage convertible, with your pick-me-up sunglasses and just feeling carefree about life. What a way to top that off then to listen to Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy, hey?

And sometimes, we all need something to look forward to after a hard grueling week of work and Jessica Mauboy’s Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up) no doubt shows that people live to party for the weekend. The track itself is very fetching with its chorus and cheerful music, showing that as an artist, Jessica is able to present herself in such a way that makes her unique from many different musicians. It gives her the edge of originality, borderline of being the next pop princess or the rhythm and beat soul sister.

What makes Beautiful such an impressive album by Mauboy is the fact that some of the tracks have honest lyrics and are clearly spoken from the heart. Never Be The Same is basically about the confusion of growing up and the fact that changes in life are inevitable. It’s quite an emotional track, giving a clearer picture towards listeners that going through changes isn’t easy and sometimes to get through life, we must accept these changes in either a positive or a negative way. The lyrics are straight to the point and show that feeling overwhelmed by change can often lead to us losing ourselves (‘We all get lost sometimes and we forget who we are’).

In Love Again is a track about falling in love with the risk of being vulnerable and heartbroken. It’s clear that the emotions felt throughout the song carry through to the chorus and the verses, with a slight heavy feeling of misery and pain. It’s a solid track because the lyrics are brutally truthful that there is no evidence of sugarcoating whatsoever (‘And I begin to let him in, all the while so scared / My heart will break and I might make the same mistakes’).

Briefly speaking, Jessica Mauboy’s new album, Beautiful, is a turn out success and it’s obvious she was going for gold on this one. She is a fierce, independent and talented woman that isn’t afraid to mash things up and be creative with her music, showing fans that she both has a fun and sentimental side which no doubt makes her beautiful.

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