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Album Review: Jamie Lawson – Happy Accidents

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photo: Shamil Tanna/Atlantic Records

Happy Accidents is the fourth album from Jamie Lawson, the debut signing to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man record label. Despite his famous mentor, Lawson manages to carve out a unique narrative of his own.

The solemnly styled opener A Little Mercy is the first of many tugs on the old heartstrings, a recurrent theme that will come as little surprise for those already aware of Lawson’s work. That said, Can’t See Straight strays from the norm with its warm loved up tale – an ideal wedding track that epitomises how love can knock someone for six.

The jovial content doesn’t last too long, soon withered by the inevitable heartbreak and sadness of Miracle Of Love. Lawson’s voice is able to convey the beauty of hurt and pain, retaining an accessible nature that will allow people to really connect their own stories to rather personal tales of loss.

I Almost Gave It Away sees Lawson regretting taking things for granted when it comes to love, again a relatable theme delivered in a gentle enough style to not cause distress. There are no bells and whistles added to Lawson’s music, just eloquently delivered tracks in their simplest form. Often we forget how sometimes the simplest tunes can bring about the most complex emotions, but Lawson knows the importance of holding back to pack a deeper punch.

Happy Accidents is a mature collection from someone finally content with their life taking an emotional retrospective look at how they have arrived at this very point. Though sombre in places, this is a record of warm comfort. Exactly what’s needed as the winter months approach.