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Album Review: Halestorm – Into The Wild Life

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US rockers and Grammy award winners Halestorm are back with a new album, Into The Wild Life will soon be hitting shelves and into your expanding collection of the band’s phenomenal sound. Their third album is said to have been approached differently which involved seeking a new producer (Jay Joyce), recording in Nashville and wrote the songs the way they came and in a style in which they felt was perfect; which was to stray from attempting to write what would be classed as “radio ready” tracks and go where the music took them.

Halestorm - Into The Wild LifeScream kicks off the group’s new direction, its earthiness is gripping and lead singer Lzzy Hale’s vocal roars in perfection, while the album’s next single I Am The Fire is just as explosive; Sick Individuals has a snappy melody to it, it will stay in your head for as long as you let it. The edgy Amen captivates you from beginning to end and makes you wonder what this album would sound like if Hale didn’t take the lead, and just when you thought that you were in for pure mayhem the ballad Dear Daughter serenades you with a surprising rawness; New Modern Love is a calmer approach to rock taken on this album so far, it’s great to hear some diversity from Halestorm. Second single Mayhem is just that, but in a good way with its catchy melody and empowered arrangement would easily rock the socks off radio, in contrast Bad Girl’s World is a little more low key and demonstrates a warm ambience that may or may not have seen coming.

Gonna Get Mine returns to the gruff rock we heard in the album’s beginnings, and with no complaints as the delivery is top notch. A brighter guitar sound makes The Reckoning a delight, it’s nice to hear the rawness Hale has in her voice, and lead single Apocalyptic proves to be one of the album’s strongest tracks and earned its reasoning for pumping you up for the album’s release. What Sober Couldn’t Say sounds like a deep and meaningful track that superstar P!nk would write, which hopefully doesn’t insult their roots, but she has the voice to suit this style of music; last but certainly not least, I Like It Heavy brings the album to an end on the rockiest note conspired.

Halestorm have really outdone themselves with Into The Wild Life, their new sound and approach have really paid off and enabled them to create something special. Each song made you fall in love with the band even more, what was a key part of the thrill was not knowing what to expect; the rock numbers were memorable and the ballads were just as mint. If you haven’t been keeping up with Halestorm, now is better than never, their new album Into The Wild Life really is something and should be a release the group can look back on and be proud of.