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Album Review: Ginny Blackmore – Over The Moon

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New Zealand pop singer/songwriter Ginny Blackmore smashed the NZ charts with her multi-platinum selling hit Bones in 2013; since then we just haven’t been able to get enough! Over the years she has written songs for stars like Christina Aguilera and Adam Lambert, but now the excitement surrounds her debut album Over The Moon.

Ginny Blackmore - Over The MoonThe pop sound on the record is at times phenomenal, and when infused with R&B it’s unstoppable. It’s not only the emotions expressed by powerful soundscapes or her immense vocals; it’s also the lyrics. Ginny is wearing her heart on her sleeve; tracks like Hello World and SFM really demonstrate her rawness. Previous single Holding You features Australian singer Stan Walker and is an intense power pop ballad; both artists compliment each other well.

Love Strikes is beautifully crafted and sounds like Jessie J territory; it’s a piano ballad to die for. The more insidious numbers are something to write home about too. Take Kissing On You for instance; Ginny has the ability to sing like an angel and also like she has the biggest attitude. The smooth R&B/pop ballad Put Ya Name On It is a sweet track addressed to a lover. Hit single Bones serves as a reminder of why we began to fall in love with Ginny: it’s written in a way that’s so relatable.

On Over The Moon Ginny Blackmore was honest; intimate; warm and angelic. It’s not hard to tell just how much of herself she has put into the writing and delivery of this record; every note and every lyric was from the heart. The only way to go from here for Ginny is up and she has the right stuff to become a true superstar; Over The Moon is a memorable debut.