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Album Review: Gavin DeGraw – Make A Move

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There are very few musicians that can pull off the pop-rock/blues-soul genre and having said that, Gavin DeGraw has outdone himself again with his recent release, Make A Move. The album is an interesting mix of songs from catchy pop-rock to slow and sweet jams that awaits the soul of any listener anticipating the greatness of Gavin’s husky, calm sounding vocals. The man himself embodies all the talent anybody craves for, being able to showcase to the world that when it comes to music, you don’t have to use electronic noise to be able to top the charts. Making it to the top of the charts is to be able to release music that can actually connect with people on a whole different level and Gavin DeGraw’s recent release proves that with honest and powerful music, his music is what people need to get through the day. Whether you’re having a crappy week at work, break up with a significant other or unable to find motivation in other aspects of your life, Make A Move, can be seen as a little optimism that can help lighten up your mood and have faith that listening to this album will make it all okay again, even if it isn’t.

GavinDeGrawMakeAMoveThe album opens up with Best I Ever Had, which is notably one of Gavin DeGraw’s recognised singles released for the promotion of this album. The song itself showcases the strength of his vocals and when heard, it brings a sense of pleasure that not only helps you ease your way through the album, but it introduces a fun side by Gavin DeGraw. It’s a track that has so much energy and soul that the happiness and joy brought from Best I Ever Had shows that this song reminds people that there’s still meaning and purpose to be able to hear a song and just smile again.

Make A Move takes the cake for being an excellent love song. It’s fluffy and cheesy but not in a way where Romeo professes his love for Juliet. It’s a cute and subtle love song hinting to someone that the feelings you share is mutual and that you’re ready when they are. Feeling euphoric and having that insane desire to just be with this person despite the circumstances of barely knowing each other because what matters is their presence. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s always a track that you’re bound to listen to more than once and Who’s Gonna Save Us wins that title. The song itself has the depth of Gavin DeGraw’s beautiful yet simple lyrics and his vocals are quite graceful and soothing too. To be able to do this in any song is quite a challenge. For Gavin DeGraw to be able to do both of these things with ease not only shows how passionate he is about his music but he can also connect with listeners on a whole emotional level which he should be credited for.

Though the album has its listening perks, the only disappointments of the release were the last three tracks of the album: Every Little Bit, Different For Girls and Leading Man. These tracks just lose the momentum of the album as all of them sound really repetitive and not well-thought out. These tracks just feel like fillers that don’t really have any meaning or connection like all the other tracks of the album.

Nonetheless, Gavin DeGraw has released something great and Make A Move has some songs that stand out, definitely proving to listeners that he’s still the talented man that is able to brighten your mood from his songs. If only he hadn’t put those last three songs as fillers on the album then maybe this would have been his best release, but he’s a man that is driven by persistence and passion, so fingers crossed he releases something better in the near future.

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