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Album Review: Gabby Young – One Foot In Front Of The Other

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You know you have come across something truly unique when you combine classically trained vocals, influences of global folk music, swing and fashion all into the one musical act; in fact, you may have discovered UK natibe Gabby Young and her accompanying band, the Other Animals. Gabby’s sound has been described as being in a genre of its own and has been held to much acclaim over two previous albums, The Band Called Out For More and its predecessor We’re All In This Together won the hearts of the media and fans alike. Gabby Young & Other Animals return with their crowd funded third effort, One Foot In Front Of The Other, Gabby managed to raise nine thousand pounds for the album’s recording in a mere four weeks. It’s admittedly exciting to hear the sound Gabby Young is renowned for as we take a look at the new album.

Gabby Young - One Foot In Front Of The OtherSur La Lune (…A French Ditty) flows like a river, it has its own story to tell and the tale is told by Gabby’s hypnotising operatic vocal, the accordions and arrangements French the tune up. Jazzy swing and percussion join forces to deliver the tantalisingly addictive track Time, we are serenaded gracefully with ballad Fear of Flying and leading single I’ve Improved focuses on learning from your mistakes to improve and empower your insight for the present and potentially the future; it’s fantastic being able to admit you were wrong in the form of a swing/pop fusion track. Another Ship sparks curiosity in the way it is written and arranged, the acoustic guitar drives the melody flawlessly and of course Gabby’s voice is top notch. Saviour is in a league of its own, the melody in the beginning is a little out of the ordinary when compared to the rest of the album, but the highlight was the almost acapella sung bridge with notes effortlessly performed in staccato; it has already been clear that Young’s voice is beautifully capable of many things.

Gabby tries to encourage us to grin with the melodiously cute Smile, which is sure to leave you doing just that when you visualise her wearing the funny glasses she sings about. The fun and games come to an end with the darker The Devil Has Moved In, a folk inspired tune written about somebody who gradually became a sinister person; Gabby easily dramatises the situation by putting more of a force behind those vocal chords of hers, it is almost as if the song was written to suit a musical. There is something soothingly comfortable about the light hearted tones resounding from Back Of The Car, and title track One Foot In Front Of The Other is reassurance beginning in the form of a piano ballad before it explodes into an array of voices and instruments. The album ends on a more upbeat note, Back Where We Started is like a tropical punch of flavour, it makes you want to get up and dance along to it.

Gabby Young is an artist in her own league, One Foot In Front Of The Other continues to uphold that reputation; there is not one track listed that sounds the same as another, whilst at the same time they worked very well together. Young is clearly a sophisticated individual with a knack for storytelling, and she knows how to produce art and the many different ways in which she can deliver her work tastefully and admiringly so; One Foot In Front Of The Other is definitely worth raving about.