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Album Review: G-Eazy – When It’s Dark Out

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Rising rap star G-Eazy has been taking the world by storm ever since his debut album release, and the hype is only growing since his sophomore release hit the charts. When It’s Dark Out is a musical conversation with ‘young Gerald’ taking his listeners and himself on a journey. This album is a platform that allows him an outlet to comprehend coming into his fame, dealing with the haters, the posers and the fakes, relationships and his newfound materialism.

G-Eazy When Its Dark OutComing out of the gate strong, Intro and Random take on a strong, dominant beat while G-Eazy spits the lyrics to his ‘anthem’. Proving that triumph easily turns to confidence, Calm Down takes a repetitive beat and an electronic chorus to elaborate on his recent successes, expelling, “I’ve been sitting on the charts like a beast yeah, my last album spent 52 weeks there” / “fuck it I’m the coldest white rapper in the game, since the one with the bleached hair”.

But where the album hits it’s shining glory is in its collaborations, the lead single, Me, Myself & I, with Bebe Rexha sets a high standard but the rest of material speaks for itself. Lending the spotlight to powerful women certainly works in G-Eazy’s favour, with Think About You, Everthing Will Be Okay, and Nothing To Me all spouting incredible stories and verses. Rounding them all out is, Don’t Let Me Go, with the deep vocals of Grace soaring above the beat before Eazy raps back an intense verse. It’s a lyrical heavy hitter with chorus lines, “eventually everything fades” / “even the brightest of colours turn greys” / “highs come down, but the pain still stays”, that show a vulnerable side to this music as Grace croons, “don’t let me go”.

While When It’s Dark Out starts out with a burning passion, it starts to simmer down towards the end and that’s where Gerald’s storytelling comes to a head. The end half of the album sees the emotion truly pour out as the slick, subtle beats becomes sensual, emotional tracks. This sophomore release is a striking and well-crafted collection and it’s one that’s sure to help G-Eazy claim the career he so craves.