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Album Review: Fuzz – Fuzz

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What do you call a record with enough guitar solos to break your strings (and your heart!!) and energy that is only found in garage rock and punk anthems – ONE HELL OF GOOD TIME!

FuzzFuzzFuzz is a band from the sandy shores of California. The members have all been together since high school, mixing in and out of each other’s bands (i.e Epsilons) over the last ten years. Ty Segall is known by many in the garage-rock genre to be the next prolific artist, who also fronted the Ty Segall band before teaming up with friend MoonHart (guitar/vocals) to work on a side project. Since 2012 this little side project has morphed into a full time band (with Chad Ubovich joining on bass) and has gone roaring into the studio.

Fuzz’s self titled album starts with Earthen Gates.  It features an almost calm before the storm intro which reminds me of Parkway Drive’s intro Samara on the album Deep Blue. It starts gracefully building up with guitar riffs (similar to Led Zeppelin) before plunging you into a world of garage tone guitar hooks and riffs with some punk influenced vocals and a drum and bass rhythm while Sleigh Bells is a mixture of Black Sabbath licks meets Hendrix riffs.

Without a doubt my favourite/stand out song is Raise.  Starting off with a fuzzy distorted tone riff, this song combines sound and influences which haven’t been used in years such as 60’s psychedelic rock  and 70’s funk rock yet Raise is the most modern garage rock sounding song on the entire record (to my ears), which should quench the thirst of a lot people.

The final track, One is also a knockout with the guitar and bass work which will keep you so mesmerized you’ll  be yelling out “let him play” as Segall wraps up the album with a display of his incredible skills.

This is a stellar debut by Fuzz; refreshing, classic, and a whole lot of fun. Oh, and did I mention the awesome artwork? I’d label this record as “ear-gasm” for all music lovers.

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