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Album Review: Fleetwood Mac – Tusk (2015 Reissue)

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The best words to describe supergroup Fleetwood Mac would be iconic and timeless; even today the group remain one of the world’s most influential bands. In October 1979 it was time for the group to release their follow-up to the incredibly successful Rumours; thus Tusk was born and it was their most experimental release at the time. Having had multiple remasters and reissues over the years Tusk is still a fan favourite today.

Fleetwood Mac - TuskThe 2015 reissue consists of 5 discs including a remastered version of the original album, an alternate version with outtakes that have mostly been unreleased, various single/demos and remixes; and you also can’t ignore unreleased performances from their Tusk tour, a DVD, and a 2LP 180-gram vinyl. The new masters of the original LP recapture the splendour that amazed fans, retaining the group’s precision when it comes to their finished product. 26 years later the album proves to be just as relevant and wondrous as ever; hearing classics like TuskSara and the underrated Sisters Of The Moon will either make you nostalgic or deeply appreciate this work once again.

The remixes include the upbeat Think About Me Single (Remix) and the smooth That’s All For Everyone (Remix) among others. Soon you sit back in awe as you hear the initial recordings of a selection of songs; the first take of Walk A Thin Line was surprisingly sung more nasally, the Tusk (11.5.79 Demo) was also an interesting listen, and Sara (3.10.79 Demo) is just as charming as the final cut. The live tracks aren’t limited to Tusk and are derived from performances at Wembley, St Louis and Omaha between 1979-80: it’s nice to hear other hits like The Chain, Don’t Stop and Landslide.

This reissue of Tusk is a must-have for diehard fans or enthusiasts, it delves deeply into the group’s mindset in the lead up to the release as well as the chance to enjoy the original album again. If there’s something to be picky about it would be the inclusion of so many different versions of Tusk and I Know I’m Not Wrong; regardless of them being alternate takes it may be too much for the average listener. The new reissue is definitely something to be excited about, reminding the world that Fleetwood Mac is one of the most influential rock groups of all time.