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Album Review: Findlay Brown – Slow Light

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Findlay Brown is easily described as one of Yorkshire’s finest songwriters: his gentle and intimate sound has touched many, and his metaphorical lyrics outlining his inner conflicts are deeply relatable. His first two albums (Separated By The Sea, Love Will Find You) introduced us to Brown with grace: his latest album Slow Light is said to continue where he left off with his luscious tones.

Findlay Brown - Slow LightThere are various textures to appreciate on Slow Light, and an array of emotive trills. Opener Run Home thrives on its acoustics and minimalistic background, sounding so full and complete even with its understated arrangement. After a tension building introduction, Make A Getaway steers the album into darker territory, demonstrating how Brown can be a songwriting chameleon; although some of the songs differ, they sound like a part of the same family.

Emeralds provides an ear soothing classical interlude before launching into the subtle All Is Love, continuing to grab your attention with the album’s raw emotion. Ride Into The Sun is more upbeat, lifting the album’s sound a notch. Born Into The Stars ends the narrative on a breathy and atmospheric note, before the album closes on the dramatic instrumental Beyond The Void (Part II).

From the soothing brush of the electric guitar to the satisfying strum of the strings, Findlay Brown has sure done it again with Slow Light. The entire listen of his third instalment won’t disappoint too easily, the songwriter knows exactly what he wants from his music and his passion oozes from the finished product. If you are already a fan of Brown’s work you are in for another treat, the singer is still in fine form and we can’t wait to hear more from him.