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Album Review: Fat White Family – Songs For Our Mothers

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Fuelled by substance abuse and a craving for gritty rock n roll, Fat White Family have finally delivered their sophomore album Songs For Our Mothers and it invites you to sway to the beat of self hatred. Crafted in a haze of their own obsessions, the music that encompasses the record takes you down the rabbit hole, to a bleak place that’s not home for a casual listen.

Fat White Family Songs For Our MothersOpening with an up-tempo rhythm and a subtle disco groove Whitest Boy On The Beach sets up for false pretences. With its airy vocals that echo and swirl over impressive riffs, it’s atmosphere of light is squashed dismally once the album moves forth. As Satisfied, Love Is The Crack and Duce are so devoid of happiness, they take on a dreary mood that resembles the heavy thud of a funeral march.

And if the instrumentals aren’t pulsing with a depressing enough tone, the inspirations for Goodbye Goebbels, Hits Hits Hits and Tinfoil Deathstar all bring with them intense emotional strain as they artistically articulate various versions of death into sound. Once you separate yourself from the vibrating repetition and let the haunting lyrics truly sink in, it’s enough to leave you speechless. 

Songs For Our Mothers is full of droning tracks that take you on a journey through the mind of its creators, and while it may be a smooth ride it’s hard to tell where you’re meant to be going. Often you’ll find yourself hanging onto a whisper of a miserable drone that’s chanting the tale of a downward spiral. Created with similar melodies and a repetitive beat as the foundation for all, the intense messages are lost in the consistency of sound. It’s an album that’ll either have you hooked, yearning for more of their twisted stories or one that you’ll disregard entirely, seeking something much less melancholy.