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Album Review: Evanescence – Synthesis

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Photo: PR Brown/MSOPR

Having heard the cries of millions yelling “WAKE ME UP INSIDE”, Evanescence return with Synthesis – their first album in 7 years; this time calling in a full orchestra to rework a plethora of oldies as well as two entirely new tracks.

Embarking on their most ambitious project to date, singer Amy Lee describes the writing process behind new track Immortal as important, with it being dedicated to those we have lost to suicide and depression. The frankness and heart on sleeve honesty is exacerbated by the presence of the orchestra, who add multiple layers of cinematic intensity to already powerful songs.

The only other new tune on offer here is Hi-Lo, a gothic love song that prioritises Amy Lee’s stunningly fragile vocal style. This ‘passion project’ from the band may not contain much new material, but the operatic boost to now classic tracks goes some way to make up for this.

Anthems don’t come much bigger than Bring Me To Life, and even all these years later it remains a significant cultural milestone for the masses. No drunken night out, late night cry or wild house party would be complete without the obligatory singalong. Evanescence are stamping their feet with insistence to let us all know there is still a place for them in 2017, no amount of effort can shake these gothic titans from their place in the hearts of a generation.

Billions of imaginary break-ups and legitimate episodes of struggle were soundtracked by My Immortal – a painstakingly beautiful ode to when the world gets to be too much. Nothing yells tearjerker more than a tune like this, I challenge even the coldest of souls to keep a dry eye for this entire song – no mean feat let me tell you.

On paper, Synthesis may seem like a cop out approach to making a record, but there is a beating heart and spirit within this release that still hurts and evokes the most cathartic of responses. It can make you smile, it can make you cry but it’s certainly all a part of the Evanescence experience which isn’t something likely to dissipate just yet.