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Album Review: Elton John – Wonderful Crazy Night

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The Legend: Elton John, is back and celebrating the release of his 33rd studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night. He’s a man that seemingly can do it all and this time around sees John reconnect with his roots, delivering a collection of enjoyable tracks.

Elton John Wonderful Crazy NightUsing some up-tempo melodies to his advantage to open Wonderful Crazy Night both the title track and In The Name Of You feature a punchy beat to frame Elton John’s signature deep croon that owns each track. And it seems that a certain groove was found with this particular formula as singles Blue Wonderful and Looking Up follow on with a similar style. Each tune certainly rings true alone, but the recurring beats and overly repetitive choruses get to be quite overdone as the album plays on. But the grandeur of Claw Hammer and its vibrant piano melody is a refreshing addition to the mix. And finally to close out, you’re treated to the almost magical soundings of The Open Chord. The combination of it’s gentle plucks, dreamy melody and of course the show stopping Elton John vocals make it a truly wonderful send off the record.

As someone who’s been in the industry mix for so many years it’s understandable that, as an artist, Elton John has found himself in a unique groove. And although it’s very much exciting and impressive to be given yet another set of songs, Wonderful Crazy Night just doesn’t live up to its title. While some individual tracks shine, unfortunately as a whole it just lacks a certain spark, with each song being so consistent in its production and delivery the album almost becomes one note.