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Album Review: Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

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Photo: Live Nation

The rise of Dua Lipa has been a steady period of growth rather than the quick flash in the pan, that many new artists can easily fall victim to. Her self-titled debut album is a lesson in pop precision, with each new tune ascending her status as the most exciting young singer around.

 Lipa’s voice oozes effortless cool and passion, and opener ‘Genesis’ brings these two juxtaposed traits together in perfect harmony. By accentuating and elongating certain words in the chorus, it lends itself well to radio play and nightclub singalong. The Miguel featuring ‘Lost In Your Light’ is an early highlight, but in the spirit of honesty it should be noted that every track on this album is a genuine highlight. The aforementioned track shows that the only place for Dua Lipa is centre stage. Miguel’s supporting vocals are a ladder to raise Lipa up to the stratosphere.

The level of radio support that ‘Hotter Than Hell’ received could have risked people being over this single by the time the album dropped, thankfully though each play is fresher and huger than the last. There is nothing subtle about Dua Lipa, and by jove there absolutely shouldn’t be. Girls are loud, girls are proud and girls are deserving of as much limelight as they wish. It’s refreshing to see an artist revel in the enjoyment of being a popstar as it elevates both the visual and audio quality of the record as a whole.

‘Be The One’ for many was the first track that put Dua Lipa on the map. Almost a year later, it remains one of the strongest assets in her armoury. Anyone that can hear ‘Be The One’ and not feel joy reach to the bottom of their soul is probably just a cardboard cutout of a person.

A lot of pressure is put on artists to be passive members of society, but Dua Lipa will not be silenced. If you wrong her, she will call you out on it in a sassy song. ‘IDGAF’ is an empowering break up track that reassures you that they never deserved you anyway. It transforms vulnerability into strength and provides an important message to impressionable young listeners; swearing aside. There is a lot of pleasure that can be taken in giving someone the metaphorical finger, and now there is finally a catchy tune to soundtrack such an empowering moment.

No nightclub dance floor will ever be fully ready for how ‘Blow your Mind (Mwah)’ gets people going. In terms of potential, it’s up there alongside Carly Rae Jepsen in terms of sheer quality. There isn’t one negative way this track could be perceived, Dua Lipa only serves sass by the bucketload. ‘No Goodbyes’ may detract from the fully upbeat, but it highlights a depth and vulnerable side to even those we perceive as truly powerful.

‘New Rules’ and ‘Begging’ make sure the upbeat melodies continue long into the final moments of Lipa’s record, the album may almost be over but the party is just beginning. These are contrasted heavily by ‘Homesick’, a raw ballad ready to tug at the heartstrings. Due Lipa has built herself up throughout the record, but here lets listeners down gently as the music quietens and self reflection and doubt starts to penetrate the mind.

Dua Lipa’s confidence is one asset that cannot be tainted or lessened by the world, and her debut record is brimming with globe conquering potential. It’s for those who already share her self-love but also for those who need a little boost in theirs. Borrow a little strength from Dua Lipa and experience the world in technicolour until it genuinely is.