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Album Review: Drake – More Life

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Photo: Island Records

In a booming blow for Drizzy fans, most of whom are still spinning from the release of Views in April of 2016, comes a new shade of Drake on his latest record. More Life pushes the envelope in terms of hazy beat claps, soulful interpretations and feathery textures in the chord choices and Drake’s own trademark vocal stamp.

There’s a heavy respect to Drakes relationship with Britain’s grime culture over the album too, with an interlude by top boy Skepta and a collaboration with the raspy flow of London’s Giggs. Sampha joins Drake’s pipes on 4422, a sweet drift through the smoky synth cloud mixtures most notably heard throughout a lot of vaporwave production of late. The album is described as a playlist by Drake, and this does ring true when considering just how much of it flows from track to track. Gyalchester is a perfect indication of this spiked energy, muddling through crisp drum clicks and a vibratory sub bass-haven of strengthened lengths. Kanye drops in on Glow for a super duo collaboration, as the pair showcase their god-like vocal presence rather than letting the focus fall on the minimalist beat chosen for the piece.

If there was a single track off More Life that better shows off Drake’s current musical gravitas, however, it would most certainly unearth Teenage Fever as a primary contender. Hagler’s production genius creates a deep aura around Drake’s silky vocal shoves. Transmitted and reverbed Rhodes piano chords underline a growling bassline character, allowing Drake to explore a more emotional, a more distinctive and honest feature throughout his songwriting and deliverance. Whether describing it as a playlist or album, it is definitely a great cohesion of production contributions and Drake’s undeniable and potent music force.