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Album Review: Django Django – Marble Skies

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Photo: Fiona Garden/Pitch Perfect Pr

It is difficult to describe Django Django music, to label it with one or few genres, therefore trying to classify Marble Skies style is nearly impossible. Django Django’s third album is eclectic, rich of disparate elements and certainly influenced by many music genres. With Marble Skies the London based band returns to sounds that are more similar to their first self titled record.

The album opener, Marble Skies, sets the upbeat tone of the entire record. Its rhythm is fast, pressing and at the same time glamorous and charming. This song makes the listener want to dive in the entire record looking for other enchanting melodies. And the search doesn’t last long: the second track, Surface Air (feat Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club) is fresh, reminding to a dancing summer pop hit, dreamy and crispy, thanks to a characterising vinyl effect.

Right in the middle of the album, there is Sundials, a song that strongly stands out from Marble Skies. One world to describe would be different. The rhythm is different, calm, nearly relaxed; the melody is different, thanks to the warm piano tune that opens and personalises the songs; and the overall atmosphere is different. This song is the additional confirmation of Django Django’s eclectic nature.

In the last part of the Marble Skies the music prevails on the lyrics. In Your Beat, the second single extracted from the record, opens with a forty seconds long electronic intro, made interesting by its synth vibes. The song then progresses into a 80s pop dance melody. Similarly, Real Gone features a two and half minutes long instrumental intro, distinguished by electronic futuristic beats. However, Django Django are still able to deliver a well balanced song thanks to the more natural vocals and the overall length of the song, which nearly reaches six minutes.

Marble Skies is dynamic, eclectic and light, characterised by its upbeat tracks and rockabilly elements. Some songs features echoing futuristic waves which enriches the already detailed electronic and dance melodies.