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Album Review: Def Leppard – Def Leppard

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It’s been seven years since Def Leppard released their last full length studio album, Songs From The Sparkle Lounge. Now, after a couple of live records and a remastered re-release of Slang, they’re finally back and much bigger with their 11th full length studio release, the self titled Def Leppard.

Def Leppard Def LeppardThe five piece originally got together in early 2014 to write a possible 3 song EP, but before they knew it, they’d written 12 hit new songs. Each song on this album is so strong that it’s ultimately quite tough to pick favourites. The album opens with the impressive and explosive Let’s Go, a classic 80’s hair metal tune with a charged guitar and rounded backing vocals.

The highlights are everywhere in this release, but Last Dance is worth singling out and Joe Elliot’s vocals in this track in particular are spectacular. The arrangement and production of both tunes are so expertly executed that they truly stand out on their own. The latter in particular impresses, beginning with two beautiful acoustic guitars layered over one another.

Man Enough is a stellar track, one so full of energy that it will leave the listener totally incapable of sitting still. The funky bass line and sharp drum beat are what initially spark your interest in the song, but the real hero of this track is the thick muddy electric guitar that dominates throughout.

Def Leppard is a mix of songs that not only nod to their original 80’s roots, but also explore a more modern rock sound. From the fast paced stylings of All Time High, to the dark and dirty Forever Young, this self titled comeback is sure to shake up the charts.