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Album Review: Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights

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Photo: Devil PR

Deaf Havana, hailing from the UK, have already built up an large discography in their decade long career. In 2017, the band add another studio album to the list, namely, All These Countless Nights.

Deaf Havana- All These Countless NightsTheir approach to this album seems to be one of open expression both in the candid lyrical content- which delve into such complex themes as confronting one’s own imperfections, romantic relationships and substance abuse- as well as the musical make up of each of the tracks- where they uninhibitedly vary texture, mood, feel, tempo, style making for an engaging listen.  Each song has something different to offer the listener, for instance the exhilarating chorus of Ashes, Ashes, the acoustic vibes of the earnest and anecdotal Happiness, and the driving electricity of the guitars in Fever. Having said that, all twelve tracks, with all their own distinctions, work well presented as a cohesive album; they seem to be unified by the same perspective despite their musical differences. Deaf Havana certainly prove their versatility, but overall there is a strong pull towards the classic sound created by rock acts of the 90’s like The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Live.

The lilting rhythm and the interesting harmonic movement of Pretty Low makes this track a personal favourite. Deaf Havana have a real sense of sophistication in the way the sections are contrasted, and maturity in the lyrics presented in a luring melody. I also enjoyed the play on texture in Trigger, the second single of All These Countless Nights- the energetic percussive timbres of the verse followed by the half time, heavy feel of the chorus.

All These Countless Nights firmly establish Deaf Havana as a creative force with true technical music ability and understanding that comes through in their well crafted song writing.