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Album Review: Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

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Young new talent, Daya (pronounced “dey-uh”), has released her debut studio album, Sit Still, Look Pretty. This electro-pop driven album is produced by Gino ‘Farrago’ Barletta and is an extension of her eponymous EP released in September 2015.

Daya-Sit-Still-Look-Pretty-2016Sit Still, Look Pretty is a solid introduction to audiences, but doesn’t particularly offer a wow factor. It is definitely a safe play sticking to what is tried and true. Musically, the tracks are well produced and are mainly coloured by the electro palette. There is some interest as in the song Cool which has a captivating lilting rhythm and showcases Daya’s vocal range. She can really hit those high notes! U12 is just synthtastic using warmer tones and a fluttering arpeggio effect. Back To Me stands seems a little out of place on this album as its instrumentation features a rich and sentimental piano track with an emotive vocal delivery. It’s a good step in the piano power ballad direction though. Daya proves that she has the vocal ability to be in the music game.

On the most part lyrical subject matter sticks to teenage relationships, which is an indication of where Daya is at in life, being only seventeen, herself. This will definitely resonate with many in her target audience. In the lead single of the album, Sit Still, Look Pretty, the lyrics deal with girls not needing to look and act a certain way in a relationship. I suppose this is a good message, but is comes across a a little whiny. With life experience, her lyrics will have more substance.

Daya’s debut release Sit Still, Look Pretty plays it safe, however it is a good start to her recording artist career. Thus far she has had an enviable gigs, having featured on The Chainsmokers release Don’t Let Me Down, and even being invited to perform at the White House annual Easter Egg Rolls and meeting Barack and Michelle Obama, making Daya one to watch closely in the future.